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Chemistry Assignment help, Chemistry Online Tutors

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Chemistry is the study of matter and all the changes through which matter undergoes. Matter is the quantity which posses mass and occupies space . It deals with the composition , structure and properties of substance (matter).Five branches of chemistry are Inorganic , Organic , Analytical , Physical and Biochemistry .

  • Inorganic chemistry : Protons , Electron and neutrons comprise atomic structure . Elements are the combination of same types of atoms . Two or more elements form compounds and molecules .When an atom gains or loses electron then ions are formed . Examples of ionic interaction are Ionic bond , covalent bond , hydrogen bond , water – polar covalent bond etc.
  • Organic chemistry : it contains carbon elements . single , double and triple bonds are formed between carbon atoms . Electronic configuration of atom is based on the type of shell .Each shell is derived from the formula of 2n^2 electrons (n= 1, 2, 3 -----). S , p , d are the types of shell .
  • Analytical chemistry : Matters are separated , identified and quantified by methods and instruments provided by analytical chemistry .
  • Physical chemistry : physical chemistry deals with macroscopic , atomic , subatomic factors on the basis of physics such as motion , force , time , thermodynamic etc .
  • Biochemistry : It is the study of chemical process within and related to living organisms .

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  • Topics covered under Chemistry Assignment help :

  • Metals ,collection ,data plotting ,acid base titrations,oxidation reduction titrations,pH meter
  • Acid base titration curves,spectrophotometer properties ,bulk matter,stoichiometry
  • Colligative properties ,solutions,thermochemistry,redox reactions,equilibrium ,kinetics

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  • Atomic theory and periodicity, chemical quantities and equilibria, Organic chemistry, Semantics in Generative Grammar, Denoting, Words, Names, Sense and , Reference, Descriptions , Naming and , Necessity , Demonstratives , Knowledge of Language , Philosophical Investigations , Performative Utterances, Speech Act, Meaning, Intention in Speech Acts, Convention in Speech Acts,Languages , Referring, Logic and Conversation, Relevance Measurements, Unit dimensions, Dimension analysis, Significant figures
  • Atoms, Molecules, Ions, Valence, Nomenclature, Periodic table, Chemical reactions, Stoichiometry, Pressure laws, Gas laws, Kinetic molecular theory, Calorimetry, Enthalpy, Thermodynamics, Collision theory, Bond energies, Entropy, Heats of energies, Reaction rates, Rates laws, Catalyst,Law of mass action, Equilibrium expressions
  • Electrochemistry, Cell potentials, Oxidation, Reduction, Redox reaction, Electroplating, Vester theory, Lewis structures, Carbon bonding, Structural theory, Modern atomic theory, Atomicity, Saponification, Speech Acts, Unspeakable Acts, Ways of Silencing, Politics, English language, Language Instinct and Tense Present.

  • Chemistry:

  • inorganic, physical chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • atomic structure
  • bonding and hybridisation
  • molecular shape
  • states of matter
  • intermolecular forces
  • chemical equilibrium
  • aqueous solution equilibria
  • thermodynamics
  • redox chemistry