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Computer Network Assignment help, Computer Network Online Tutors


Get instant help for Computer Network Assignment help & Computer Network homework help. Our Computer Network Online tutors help with Computer Network assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. We ensure complete Computer Network solutions before the deadline. Our excellent tutorbase for Computer Network enure ontime delivery of Computer Network assignment solutions.

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Computer network is a set of interconnected computers by a network and computer that are connected on a network are termed as nodes. The connection between computers can be done by Ethernet cable, LAN cable and wireless via radio waves. The connected computers can share file resources, internet access, servers and printers.

Types of computer network connection

  • Star topology: In this topology the computers are connected by a central node or hub and the cables are extends to each computer. In this connection the all connected computers are independent to the center network and if one of the systems gets damaged than it will not affect the other computer. It requires large cable length for connection.
  • Bus topology: A bus topology is another computer design network in which all the computers are connected to a single cable and the information pass out via each connected computer. In this network when a cable is broken the entire network gets stopped working. In this network design less cable length is required. Computer network architecture can be based on peer to peer connection and could be client server architecture.

  • Topics covered by Computer Network Assignment Help :

  • Information representation, Communication and Internet technologies, Hardware, Processor fundamentals, System software, Security, privacy and data integrity, Ethics and ownership, Database and data modeling
  • Algorithm design and problem-solving, Data representation, Programming, Software development, Data representation, Communication and Internet technologies, Security
  • Monitoring and control systems, Computational thinking and problem-solving, Algorithm design methods, Further programming, File processing, Exception handling, Software development.

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  • Computer network Assignment Assistance include :

    • Help for Computer Network Case studies, Exam Preparation, Essay writing, Research, Editing & Proofreading.

    Topics covered under Computer Network Assignment help :

  • Protocols in the network layer, such as routing algorithms and IP addressing principles, Design principles and protocols in the link layer, such as error control and flow control algorithms
  • Design principles and communication protocols in the physical layer, such as Nyquist theorem and Shannon-Hartley Law, Implement and debug network algorithms, protocols or systems with modern programming languages and platforms
  • Design principles and protocols in the application layer, such as HTTP and FTP protocols, Design principles and protocols in the transport layer, such as congestion control, flow control, reliability control algorithms and TCP/UDP protocols

  • Help for More complicated Computer Network topics like :

  • Systems Programming (C or python), Network programming, Mathematical proof techniques, digital logic, Unix environment for coding, compilation, debugging and testing, Unix operating system API, particularly low level I/O and file system access, Basics computer networks, Network architectures
  • Protocol stack addressing, Physical Layer, Data Link Layer (including Medium Access Control sublayer), Network Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, Network system design and programming, Multiple access protocols, OSI, Internet, Extranet, Ethernet, IPv4 - Internet Protocol Version 4, Media Topography, LAN - Local Area Network, CSMA/CD, Token ring, Collisions, Peer to peer networking, MAC Address, SMTP, 10 gigabit Internet
  • Network applications, LAN Card, WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network, Client-server model, HTTP, Semantics, Gigabit internet, Types of network - WAN, LAN, SAN, WLAN, MAN, CAN, PAN, DAN, OSPF, TCP/IP syntax, PoE, PAN - Personal Area Network, MAN - Metropolitan Area Network, ATM, Routing, CAN - Campus Area Network or Controller Area Network, IPv6 - Internet Protocol Version 6