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Heat transfer Assignment help, Heat transfer Online Tutors

Get instant help for Heat transfer Assignment help & Heat transfer homework help. Our Heat transfer Online tutors help with Heat transfer assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. We ensure complete Heat transfer solutions before the deadline. Our excellent tutorbase for Heat transfer enure ontime delivery of Heat transfer assignment solutions.

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    Topics covered under Heat transfer Assignment help :

  • Conductive, convective, One dimensional steady state conduction: cylinder and sphere with and without heat generation, One dimensional unsteady state conduction: applicability of lumped capacity analysis and Heisler charts
  • calculations of condensers for multicomponent duty, Plate fin , compact, configurations of plate fin heat exchangers, design methods for two stream , multi stream exchangers, Examples , methodology for design
    costing of multistream exchangers, Evaporators , classification , selection of evaporators, design methods for falling film heat transfer, examples, Reboilers, forms of reboilers, pressure drop, reboiloer circuit, Air cooled Heat Exchangers, finned tube heat transfer, approximate costing , Heat transfer modes, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, optimisation, Numerical Methods , Mass transfer, Vapour power cycles, refrigeration cycles
  • non reacting mixtures, psychrometry, combustion, Heat Diffusion Equation, Boundary Conditions, One Dimensional Conduction, Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces, Two Dimensional Conduction, Three Dimensional Conduction, Transient Conduction, Fundamentals of Convection, Forced Convection, External Flows, Internal Flows, Free Convection, Heat Exchangers
    Radiation Exchange Among Surfaces , Heat Transfer Analysis, Heat Diffusion Equation, Conduction in a Plane Wall, Radial Conduction, Conduction with Heat Generation, Extended Surfaces , Conduction , Numerical Formulation, 2 D Numerical Solutions, Transient Conduction
  • Lumped Capacitance Method, Convection Boundary Layers, Equations, Similarity, External Flow , Flat Plate, Convection Calculations, Cross Flow , Hot Wire Method, Internal Flow, Energy Balance, Laminar , Turbulent Flows in Ducts,, Concentric Tube Annulus, Free Convection, Vertical Plates, Enclosures, Heat Exchangers, LMTD , Performance , Design Calculations, Radiation Intensity, Emission, Irradiation
  • Radiosity, Blackbody Radiation, Band Emission, Kirchoffs Law , Gray Surface, Radiation View Factor, Radiation Exchange, Radiation Shields, Steady conduction, Unsteady conduction, Heat transfer, External forced convection, Internal forced convection
  • Heat exchangers, Boiling, Condensation, Black-body radiation, Gray-body radiation, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Heat transfer, Principles, heat flow, mechanisms conduction, convection, radiation, correlations, heat transfer equipment and process applications.

  • Help for More complicated Heat transfer topics like :

  • Radiation: Processes and properties, Radiation exchange between surfaces, One-Dimensional Steady-State, Multi-Dimensional Steady-State, Transient, Convection, Radiation, Heat Exchangers, Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer, Heat Conduction, 1 D Steady Solutions, Thermal Resistance Networks, Fins, Multi Dimensional Problems, Steady Solutions, Unsteady, 1 D unsteady solutions
  • Multidimensional solutions, Convection, Forced Convection, Natural Convection, Radiation Heat Transfer, Radiation Exchanges, Combined free and forced convection heat transfer., Condensation and boiling heat transfer., Evaporation: types of evaporators, Single effect and multi effect evaporator calculations.Heat Exchanger: types of heat exchangers, Effectiveness NTU method of heat exchanger analysis
  • Design procedures for double pipe and shell and tube heat exchangers, Black and gray body radiation, Radiation network, Convection: forced convection heat transfer in laminar and turbulent boundary layer flow, Empirical and practical relations for forced convection., Free convection: free convection heat transfer from vertical, Horizontal and inclined surfaces
  • Conduction, Two-dimensional steady-state conduction, Transient conduction, convection, External flows, Internal flows, Free convection, Selection of Heat Exchangers , selection methodologies, approximate costing methods , Plate, Frame Exchangers, uses , designs, Shell, Tube Heat Exchangers, forms , uses, design methods, Tube Condenser, forms, shell side condensing heat transfer, calculation of condensation coefficients

  • Heat Transfer :

  • thermal conductivity,Fourier’s Law,1-D conduction in cylindrical coordinates,Newton’s law of cooling,heat transfer coefficient,thermal radiation
  • surface fluxes,emission of radiation,absorption and reflection,Kirchoff’s Law,radiant interchange between diffuse,uniform-radiosity surfaces

  • Heat Transfer Analysis:

  • heat and mass transfer,heat exchanger design,boiling and condensation,cooling tower design,aerodynamic heating,Radiation properties of materials,absorbing-transmitting media,gases and windows
  • evaporative cooling,heat pipe theory,critical radius of insulation,electrical-analogue approach,Analysis of fin heat transfer,Time-dependent heat conduction,lumped-heat-capacity method,Heisler/Grober charts
  • Nusselt number correlations,forced and natural convection,The concept of film temperature,presentation of the log-mean-temperature,difference and the effectiveness,NTU methods,radiant interchange between surfaces,role of geometry and view factors