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Operations Research Assignment help, Operations Research Online Tutors

Get instant help for Operations Research Assignment help & Operations Research homework help. Our Operations Research Online tutors help with Operations Research assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. We ensure complete Operations Research solutions before the deadline. Our excellent tutorbase for Operations Research enure ontime delivery of Operations Research assignment solutions.

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Topics covered under Operations Research Assignment help :

    Linear Programming: OR Models, Convex Sets, Graphical Method, Simplex Method, Big M Method, Two Phase Method., Duality Sensitivity Analysis : Primal – Dual construction, Symmetric Asymmetric Dual,, Weak Duality Theorem, Complimentary Slackness Theorem, Main Duality Theorem, Dual Simplex Method, Sensitivity Analysis., Transportation Formulation of Transportation Problem, Initial Feasible Solution, Methods, Optimality Test, Degeneracy in TP; Problem, Hungerian Method, Traveling Salesman Problem., Game Theory Sequencing : Two Person Zero Sum Game, Pure Mixed Strategies, Algebraic, Solution Procedure, Graphical Solution, Solving by Linear Programming; Sequencing Problem, Inventory Queuing Models: Classical EOQ Models, EOQ Model Price Breaks

    EOQ Shortage,, Probabilistic EOQ Model, Newsboy Problem. Elements of Queuing Model, Pure Birth Death Model,, Single Server Multi server Markovian Models Infinite Finite Capacity, Machine Repair Model, Networks of Queues., Basic terminology of the decision process, stages of decision process, Elements of the decision process, Decision processes classification, quality of the decision process, rationality vector, Model creation, Scenario models creation, Succession method, sequence method, sensitive analyses, Pointing methods, Pair comparison method, Saaty method, Creation of decision variants, Complex evaluation of variants, Importance of complex evaluation of variants, applicability of complex evaluation of variants, Complex variants evaluation methodology, Weighted sum method Basic variant method Oreste method Saaty method Complex evaluation of variants Linear programming model, Model formulation, Slack, Surplus variables, Shadow price, Reduced cost, Vector optimisation methodology

Application of vector optimisation methodology, Vector optimisation techniques, Technique of functions aggregation, Technique of minimization of deviation function, Target programming, Nonpremptive goal programming, Preemptive goal programming, Uncertainty probability, Probability trees, Influence diagram, Decision trees, Quantification of the value of perfect information, Relation of the indicator, state of the world, Bayes rule, posterior probability, priori probability, Quantification of the value of imperfect information, Attitude to risk, Certainly equivalent, utility functions, Investment evaluation, Game theory, decision process, classification of game matrix, Game theory, competitive strategy, Elective decision model, optimisation methods, linear programming, integer programming algorithms, Compartmental models, Heuristic methods,  stochastic analysis, Markov chains, Markov processes, queuing theory, methodology of Operational Research, mathematical framework, modelling structure

Mathematical optimization
Modeling techniques
Linear programming
Integer programming
Mixed integer programming
Nonlinear programming
Stochastic programming
Pyomo optimization