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Objects, Using the String Class, Using Classes in General, Defining Classes, Primitive Types, Expressions, and Control Flow, Numeric Primitive Types, Control Flow: Selection, Control Flow: Iteration, Arrays, Testing, Arrays, Advanced Topics, Inheritance and Interfaces, Vectors, Agora: an AEN toolbox, Distributed Tertiary Control Droop Control, Semantic Overlay Networks, The Gossiping Protocol, Experimental Setup Internet-based AEN supervision software power line congestion avoidance, minimization of peak consumption, maintenance of the power quality, The Agora Language, Agora Message Categories, Agora Ob jects , Basic Agora Reifers, Variables Methods Cloning Methods, Views Mixins, Other Reifers Local and Public Attributes, Agora Expressions Agora Abstract Syntax, Ob ject Structures Evaluation Rules, The power of attributes, ReiFcation and Absorption, Reifcation of Primitives, The Evaluator, Absorbing Ex Nihilo Ob jects, The Agora MOP