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APL Programming Assignment Help, APL Programming Homework Help, APL Programming Online Tutors

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History, Significant Language Features:, Non-Standard Character Set - APL makes use of a character set which contains some non-ASCII characters, including some Greek letters, Dynamic Array Universe - APL's environment consists of arrays, created dynamically, Interaction - APL is an interactive language, Areas of Application:, Mathematical Algorithms, Statistics, Lambda Calculus and functional programming, Logic Programming and Prolog, Denotational Definition of Programming Languages, Fixpoints; Program Verification, Operational Semantics & Axiomatic Semantics, Partial Evaluation; Interpretation & Automatic Compilation of Languages, Functional Programming with ML; Types; Operators; Expressions, Functions; More Functions; ML examples More ML examples, Lists and recursion, Lambda calculus , Logic Programming; Programming a database, Lists and recursion in logic programming, Non-deterministic programming and applications, Abstract Syntax; Definite Clause Grammars , Definite Clause Grammars, Sets, functions, domains , Semantic Algebras, Semantics of a Calculator Language, Semantics of Imperative Languages, Automatic Compilation (brief intro), Fix-points of recursive functions, Software Verification; Language Interoprability, Hoare Axioms for Partial Correctness, TBA