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Simulink and Stateflow, The Synchronous Language Argos, A Synchronous Block , Implementation, Inputs and Outputs , Clocking and general operation, Experience

No multi-level arrowsA compositional semantics, A notion of incorrect programs, Boolean reactive systems, Intuitive semantics, set of operations on Boolean Mealy machines, Deterministic and reactive Boolean Mealy machines, combinations of operators, The Argos language and its semantics, variables, Boolean Mealy machines with variables, Compositions of Boolean Mealy machines with variables, Extending the notion of incorrect program, Valued signals, Code generation and connection to analysis tools, Global semantic, Denotational and fully abstract semantics, Process Algebraic semantics, with equivalences or congruences, Communication, synchronization and causality, Causality in other synchronous languages, Notions related to causality in Statecharts