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1. The Top of the Script (the Auto-execute Section): This portion executes automatically when the script starts.
2. Escape Sequences: When to use `% and to indicate a literal percent sign or comma.
3. Comments in Scripts: The use of semicolon and the symbols /*...*/ to add remarks to a script.
4. Splitting a Long Line into a Series of Shorter Ones: This can improve a script's readability and maintainability.
5. Convert a Script to an EXE (ahk2exe): Convert a .ahk script into a .exe file that can run on any PC.
6. Passing Command Line Parameters to a Script: The variables %1%, %2%, etc. contain the incoming parameters.
7.Script File Codepage: Using non-ASCII characters safely in scripts.
8.Debugging a Script: How to find the flaws in a misbehaving script.
9. Portability of AutoHotkey.exe: Having a copy of AutoHotkey.exe is enough to execute any .ahk file.
10. Installer Options: How to do unattended/silent installations or uninstallations.