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Chemical Engineering Assignment help | Chemical Engineering Online Tutors

Get instant help for Chemical Engineering Assignment help & Chemical Engineering homework help. Our Chemical Engineering Online tutors help with Chemical Engineering assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. Our excellent tutor base for Chemical Engineering enure on time delivery of Chemical Engineering assignment solutions. 

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Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, operation and maintenance of plant and machines that perform chemical reactions to make useful product or to solve practical problems. It concerns with the design and development of plant items and processes. Chemical engineering also deals with the application of life sciences, physical sciences. A chemical is a substance that has been artificially prepared and produced by the reaction and separation. Some branches of chemical engineering are as follows:

  • Biochemical engineering
  • Ceramics
  • Chemical reactor
  • Polymer engineering
  • Food engineering
  • Heat transfer
  • Chemical engineers use engineering and chemistry to convert the raw material into products such as petrochemicals, medicine, etc. It is also involved in the research and waste management. A chemical engineer must have the knowledge about thermodynamics, material and energy balances and about flow and mixing of molecules. Chemical reaction engineering is the main concepts that involved in the chemical engineering. It constructs models for reactor analysis and design by using physical parameters and laboratory data which includes chemical thermodynamics. Chemical thermodynamics is used to predict reactor performance and to solve problems. Synthetic fibres, plastic and polymers include chemical reaction engineering in their manufacture with heat transfer considerations and fluid flow. Application of chemical engineering: in medicine, biomedical therapies, reduce environmental impact of technology, convert raw material into desirable product, etc.

    Chemical Engineering is a course of engineering which includes concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to process and synthesize innovative products from chemical compounds. Chemical engineering is the process of treating of raw materials, the chemical transformation and the separation of desired products. Many students find that these processes are difficult to grasp, especially when they have to complete Chemical Engineering homework at the same time. Are struggling hard writing Chemical Engineering Assignments? We provide professional Chemical Engineering Assignment help to students of any level and any university around the world.

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    Topics covered under Chemical Engineering Assignment help :

  • Transport process Separation process
  • Process control systems, Polymers
  • Molecular Engineering

  • Help for More complicated Chemical Engineering topics like :

  • Fluid transport, Measurement of velocity , Static tube, Measurement of frictional losses , Friction factors in pipeline elements, Flow measurements using different meters , Ventury meter
  • Rotameter, Flow nozzle assembly , Circular orifice meters, Characteristic curve of a centrifugal pump , Fluidization, Modelling of nonideal flow , Measurement of overall heat, Transfer coefficient of tube side header, Heat loss.
  • Gain from insulating , Non insulating material, Insulating material efficiency , Actual thermal conductivity , Non covalent interactions, Development of supra molecular chemistry , Synthetic chemistry , Cation binding hosts
  • Molecular recognition in biological systems, Enzyme catalysis, Sensor concepts , Sensor devices, Cooperativity, Molecular , Bio molecular , Multivalency, Effective molarity concept, Cyclization, Cell membrane, Polyvalent systems , Macromolecular assembly, Supramolecular, Polymers
  • Polyvalent systems , Coordination polymers, MOFs, Proteins an protein folding, Molecular characterization, Ensemble characterization, Surface characterization, Heterogeneous systems, Dispersions, Particles, Overview of structures , Liquid crystals
  • Carbon allotropes , Dendrimers, Nucleicacids, Polysaccharides, Materials selection diagrams, Organic, Metallic , Ceramic materials, Carbon allotropes , Molecular building blocks , Dendrimers , Hyperbranched structures, Elastomers, Industrial polymers , Influence of processing, Electroactive organic materials, Photonic organic materials , Anionic Polymerization, Thin polymer films , Polymer characterization , Designer surfaces , Smart materials, Micro , Nanofabrication with polymers, Membrane preparation , Characterization, Drug delivery, Blood purification dialysis, Blood oxygenation, Bio artificial kidney, Bio artificial pancreas, Bio artificial liver
  • Principles , methods chemical kinetics , reactor design, heterogeneous systems, Stoichiometry , rate laws , simple reactions, complex reactions, analysis reaction rates, isothermal reactors, temperature effects, ChemE Lab I, Application laboratory , pilot scale equipment, Oral , written reporting