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Fundamentals of how digital audio works, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), Interface and design issues in audio and music software, Programming audio in Max/MSP, Programming audio in HTML 5 with the Web Audio API, Managing audio and MIDI file formats, Managing I/O streams, Additive synthesis and wavetable synthesis, Linear and cubic interpolation, Control functions and low-frequency oscillators for frequency and amplitude modulation, Windows and envelopes in the time domain, Sampling synthesis, Granular synthesis, Delay, flanging, chorusing, reverberation, and other delay-based processing techniques, Filtering and convolution, Panning, localization, and spatialization, Amplitude compression and expansion, Fourier analysis and resynthesis, cross-synthesis, and time compression/expansion, Fundamentals of how digital audio works (sampling, quantization, A/D and D/A conversion), Programming audio, Different kinds of sound synthesis (additive, FM, wavetable, subtractive, physical models), Time-varying functions, envelopes and algorithms for notes and scores, Delay, and delay-based processing techniques, reverberation and digital filters), Reverberation using convolution, Multi-channel sound spatialization techniques, ambisonics in particular, and panning algorithms, Fourier analysis and resynthesis, cross-synthesis, and time compression/expansion, A hit parade of computer music compositions, MIDI, OSC protocols