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Disaster term was originated from French word Desastre, and this word means evil star or bad. A disaster term can be expressed as, a serious interruption in the functioning of society or community that cause spreading of social, economic or environmental loss which exceed the capability of the affected society to tangle. A Disaster is a combination of insufficient capacity, hazard and vulnerability to reduce the chances of risk. Damages, disruption occurs due to hazard impact on the population. Earthquake, cyclone and flood leads to disaster that cause loss of life and property. Disaster management is especially concerned with the management of information and resources. It also concerns how productively and seamlessly these resources can be coordinated. In disaster management, an individual and an organisation may solve the issues related to coordinating, planning, risk management and communication. A disaster management and risk reduction plan is informed by a cross sector approach. Due to the disaster management, disaster can be recovered by implementing various recovery activities. Recovery activities may include rehabilitation, health care and rebuilding infrastructure. These recovery activities should combined with development activities like developing policies and manage human resource for health and should try to avoid these type of conditions in future.
The main topics of Disaster management are: Hazards and Disasters: Planning and Policies, Disaster Mitigation Policies and Planning, Measuring and Mapping Vulnerability , Social, Economic, and Political Vulnerabilities, Community Resilience, Emergency Management Planning , Communication and Risk Management, Disaster Response: Planning for Response , Supporting Emergency Response Operations using Geospatial Technologies, Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding, Natural hazards , Hurricanes, Storms , Tornadoes, Flooding, Landslides, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunamis , Radon gas emissions, Human induced disasters , Terrorism, Explosions, Oil tanker accidents, Modern disaster management strategies , Planning techniques mitigation , Structural measures , Education, Early warning, Search , Rescue, Recovery , Natural Hazards, Science , Society, Managing Disasters, GIS Hazards , Emergency Planning, Research Methods , Research Techniques and Risk management.