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Electrical, Electronics Assignment help, Electrical, Electronics Online Tutors

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 Electrical and electronics engineering is the core branch of engineering field as it deals with electronic devices which are categorized as passive and active components. Since the modern world is completely relying on electronic systems so it is a great requirement to be aware of electrical and electronic components as we are living in this electronic age. These electronic systems are computers, mobiles, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, all kitchen appliances, robotics etc. This branch of engineering deals with current conduction through electronics as an electronic device is something in which current flows through semiconductors, gas or vacuum. Major applications involved in this are listed below:

  • Communication
  • Research and media
  • Information processing
  • Computing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation
  • Electrical and electronic engineering defines technologies which are required for fulfilling the needs of communication, entertainment, energy and healthcare. Electrical and electronic engineers are responsible to bring innovation in new technologies which involve advances in e-commerce, mobile telephones, medical technology, renewable energy and the internet. They design new ways to develop improved products such as software, electronic components, system for commercial usage. They also evaluate systems and develop maintenance for electronic equipment.

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    Topics covered under Electrical, Electronics Assignment help :

  • measurement, signals, electricity, magnetism, virtual instruments, electric power systems, Generation dispatch, demand response, optimal network flows
  • risk allocation, reliability of service, renewable energy sources, ancillary services, tariff design, distributed generation, rural electrification, environmental impacts, strategic sustainability issues, traditional regulatory frameworks and competitive regulatory frameworks.

  • Help for More complicated Electrical, Electronics topics like :

  • Biomedical engineering, Power electronics, Digital signal, Image processing, Power electronics, Switch mode power supply design, Specification, Technical writing, Digital signal processing, Embedded controllers, Data acquisition systems, Technologies, Shielding, EMC, EMI noise reduction, Analog, Digital design, Circuit board layout, Biomedical engineering, Power electronics, Digital signal, Image processing
  • Microsystems, Sensors, Actuators, Mixed signal electronics, Embedded microcomputers, Algorithms, Robotics systems design

  • Electronics:

    PN junction diode, diode characteristics, Diode circuits and applications, Bipolar junction transistor, BJT, BJT biasing, load line analysis, MOS, field effect transistor basics, MOSFET biasing, DC analysis, MOS logic design, CMOS logic design and BJT digital circuits.

  • Analytical Mechanics
  • Foundations of Programming
  • Electric Circuits
  • Intermediate Calculus
  • ODEs for Engineers
  • Electric Circuits
  • Design Principles and Methods
  • Design Project
  • Xilinx ISE
  • OptSim
  • Proteus Design