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Human Resource Assignment help, Human Resource Online Tutors

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Human resource management is the management of human resource which is responsible for the productivity of the respected organization. It involves the processes for hiring and developing people into an organization so that they become valuable employee for their organization. Core qualities of HRM of an organization are listed below

  • Leadership
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Extensive knowledge of industry
  • Effective communication
  • Maintenance of work force
  • Professional development
  • HRM involves a number of human management tasks viz. planning personnel needs, recruitment of right people for the job, managing wages and salaries, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, conducting job analyses etc. HRM can be defined as a formal system devised for management of people within an organization. Its main purpose is to maximize the productivity of an organization with optimized effectiveness of its people. A human resource manager is responsible for staffing and defining work for its employees. They also calculate employee compensation and benefits. Human resource department can be subdivided into three areas.

    HRM is concerned with the development of both individuals and the organization. Organization, health, safety, utilization and maintenance are some of the key functions in HRM.

    Human Resource Management(HRM) or Human Resource(HR) describes the formal system which is devised to manage people in an organization and the responsibilities of the human resource manger are divided into three categories and these categories are: staffing, employee benefits and compensation, and defining and designing the work. The main purpose of this management is to increase the productivity of organization to the maximum level by optimizing the employee’s effectiveness. This management helps in making, implementing and seeing policies which govern the behaviour of employees in the company and also the company’s behaviour towards the employees within the organization.
    This management can also be called as employee management because managing or employing people correctly in the organization maximizes the productivity of the company.

    The objectives of this management are:-
    1. Utilizing human resources effectively.
    2. Maintaining good working relationships between all the members in the organization.
    3. Ensuring the development of individuals to the maximum level.
    These objectives can be achieved by proper planning and staffing of employees, including development programs for the employees to make them use their capabilities to the maximum level. Hiring employee according to the position, work experience helps in better working of the organization and proper training helps in the employees to understand the goals and working requirements of the organization. Providing performance appraisal makes employees confident about their work and make them do more work for the company and increasing the productivity of the organization.

    HRM also have the responsibility to develop public relationship of the company like organizing seminars, business meetings and some official gatherings to make company’s relationship good with the business sector.

     Human Resource is the most crucial and important resource that determines the success of any
    organization. HRM is basically the proper management of human resources in order to maximize the efficiency of work. Human Resource Management has become an integral part of all management. HRM uses various strategies to maximize the employee performance in an organization. The main functions of HR department are Recruitments, Training and Appraisal of employees. In HRM there are different challenging tasks like managing employees and using workforce efficiently.

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