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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a MVC web system that streamlines the development of user interfaces (UI) for server-based applications by utilizing reusable UI segments as a part of a page.JSF gives office to associate UI gadgets with information sources and to server-side occasion handlers. The JSF particular characterizes an arrangement of standard UI segments and gives an Application Programming Interface (API) for creating components.JSF empowers the reuse and augmentation of the current standard UI components.JSF innovation is a structure for creating, building server side User Interface Components and utilizing them as a part of a web application.JSF innovation is in light of the Model View Controller (MVC) construction modeling for isolating rationale from presentation

JSF application is like whatever other Java innovation based web application; it keeps running in a Java servlet compartment, and contains

-JavaBeans segments as models containing application-particular usefulness and information

-A custom label library for speaking to occasion handlers and validators

-A custom label library for rendering UI segments

-UI segments spoke to as stateful articles on the server

-Server-side partner classes

-Validators, occasion handlers, and route handlers

-Application setup asset record for designing application assets.