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Mass Communication Theories Assignment Help, Mass Communication Theories Homework Help

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Theory is a collection of ideas which help us to understand or describe the phenomenon in social world.

Mass communication Theories are a group of theories about communication processes created by the sender which is delivered simultaneously to a numbers of receivers using transmitting device.

There are various kinds of theories relevant to mass communication such as:

  • Social scientific theory :- Social Scientific theories are depending on empirical research. The social scientific statements or thesis are checked by making systematic and objective observations.
  • Normative theory :- This Theory is based on the explaining how media ought to operate social values .This theory is basically stems from the wide social philosophy of a society.
  • Operational theory :- This kind of theory is a normative in nature but with a practical bent .in this practical ideas are arranged and assembled to media practitioners in their own media work.
  • Every-day or Common Sense theory :- This theory enables us to understand what’s going on in our media, what we got to know about media from our long experience.With the help of such theories we get to know what is public taste and make judgement.

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