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Matlab Assignment help , Matlab Homework help experts

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MATLAB is a type of language used for technical computing with a high-performance. Matlab integrates various features such as computation, visualization, and programming environment. MATLAB we can say is a modern programming language environment as it has sophisticated data structure that contains in-built editing and debugging tools. Matlab also supports object-oriented programming which makes MATLAB an excellent tool for teaching and research.

Matlab which stands for MATrix LABoratory written to provide an easy way access the software which is developed by the LINPACK (linear system package) and the EISPACK (eigen system package) projects.

Matlab has a toolbox which stores specific applications used for symbolic computation,optimization,signal processing, and in feilds of science and engineering. As compared to conventional computer languages (like C, FORTRAN) MATLAB has many advantages for solving technical problems.In MATLAB the basic data element which is an array does not require dimensioning which makes it an interactive system to work on. 

In many universities and industries it has been considered as a standard tool for software packaging worldwide because of its powerful in-built routines for computations. Matlab also provides an easy way to use graphics command for an immediate visualization results.


Important subtopics related to the MATLAB are-

- Environment Setup
- Variables
- Commands
- M-Files
- Data Types
- Operators
- Decisions
- Loops
- Vectors
- Matrix
- Arrays
- Numbers
- Strings
- Functions
- Data Import
- Data Output
- Plotting, Graphics, Algebra and Calculus
- Differential, Integration, Polynomials, Transforms
- MATLAB - Simulink


Matlab is a high level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++.
MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. It is a high performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization and programming in an easy-to- use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. The MATLAB working environment consists of a set of tools as well as facilities when you work as MATLAB user or programmer.


It gives you the facility for managing variables that are in workspace. It allows us to export and import data. MATLAB provides tools to develop, manage, debug and profile Mfiles as well as MATLAB’s applications. Handling graphics is another system to handle in matlab. It includes command for 2D and 3D datavisualization , animation, image processing, graphical presentation. Although low level commands arealso put to use when we fully customize appearance of graphics. It is used to develop GUI (Graphicaluser interface) for our MATLAB applications.


Another part of MATLAB framework is the MATLAB mathematical library, which is a large collection of computer algorithms that range from simple elementary functions like sine, sum, cosine , complex arithmetic to more sophisticated functions like inverse(matrix), matrix eigen values, fast fourier transforms and Bessel functions, API in matlab stands for Application Programming Interface. Here we write programs in C and Fortran with the basic intention to interact with framework MATLAB. The major courses in MATLAB include Desktop variables, Data types, Script files, Plotting, Input Output statements, Conditional statements etc.


MATLAB is a high performance language that provides an environment that has many specialized toolboxes for making things easier for us. It is used for numerical computation, visualization, data analysis and for algorithm development purposes.



  • Math and computation
  • Algorithm development
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
  • Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
  • Scientific and engineering graphics
  • Application development, including Graphical User Interface building


In MATLAB basic data structure is the matrix and matrix dimensions are set dynamically.Operations on matrices are imposed to all the elements of a matrix at once and it removes the need for looping over elements one by one and make fast and efficient program.MATLAB has some drawbacks as it is slow for some kinds of processes, not geared to the web; it is not designed for large-scale system development.


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  • Debugging errors ,Common mistakes ,Matlab debugger ,Statistics ,Descriptive stats ,Histograms ,Matlab programming ,Coding framework ,Scripts and functions,Adopting good programming habits
  • Absolute and logical indexing ,Element-wise operations ,Control flow and loops,Import data ,Export data ,Plots ,Line, scatter, surface plots ,Subplots ,Publication quality graphs ,Axes properties.
  • ANOVA, Curve fitting ,Linear models ,Multiple regression , matlab toolbox & complex programming,Variables, scripts, and operations ,Visualization and programming ,Solving equations and curve fitting ,Advanced methods,Symbolics, Simulink, file I/O, building GUIs


Help for More complicated matlab topics like :


  • Designing GUI interfaces using Matlab's GUIDE interface,Matrix Operations, Data Types, Data Analysis and Statistics, Equation systems, Curve Fitting, Programming in Matlab, Graphics, Graphical User Interface, System commands, Symbolic Math toolbox, Simulink, Matlab Programming
  • Matlab interface, basic programming techniques , Advanced Matlab Programming Techniques, Basic Matlab data structures, file i/o, string handling, code efficiency and analysis, the Matlab debugger, Numerical Methods, Linear algebra, numerical integration and dierentiation, solving systems of ODE's, interpolation of data, Data Visualization and Statistics, Basic statistical tools in Matlab and more advanced data visualization tools, Graphical User Interfaces in Matlab, Foundations of MATLAB , Arithmetic in ML , Matrix operations , Manipulation, First m files , Logic control , Relational , Logic operators, User defined m functions, Graphic potential , Properties of ML, Input output operations, Further data types, Functions, Recursion, Optimization of M files ,
  • Vectorization of operations, Selected toolboxes , Optimization, Spline, Statistics, Symbolic math, MATLAB environment, Data types, Built-in functions , Arithmetic expressions, MATLAB files , Import , Export , Other formats, Programming code, Fundamental programming structures , Script files , Functions, Parameter passing, Algorithm concept, Error handling using try catch,



Topics for Advance Matlab Assignment help :


  • Computations in MATLAB, Data Acquisition Toolbox, Database Toolbox, Datafeed Toolbox, Image Acquisition Toolbox, Mapping Toolbox, OPC Toolbox ,Parallel Computing , Parallel Computing ,MATLAB Distributed Computing Server , Math, Statistics, and Optimization ,Symbolic Math ,Partial Differential Equation ,Statistics and Machine Learning ,Curve Fitting Optimization ,Global Optimization ,Neural Network
  • Model-Based Calibration ,Control Systems , Control System , System Identification , Fuzzy Logic ,Robust Control ,Model Predictive Control ,Aerospace ,Robotics System ,Signal Processing and Communications Signal Processing ,DSP System ,Communications System ,Wavelet ,RF ,Antenna ,Phased Array System ,LTE System ,WLAN System ,Image Processing and Computer Vision ,Image Processing Computer Vision System ,Vision HDL ,Image Acquisition ,Mapping ,Test and Measurement Data Acquisition ,Instrument Control ,Image Acquisition ,OPC ,Vehicle Network ,Computational Finance Financial ,Econometrics
  • Datafeed ,Database ,Spreadsheet Link EX (for Microsoft Excel) ,Financial Instruments ,Trading ,Computational Biology Bioinformatics , SimBiology , Code Generation ,MATLAB Coder ,HDL Coder , Vision HDL ,HDL Verifier Filter Design HDL Coder ,Fixed-Point Designer ,Application Deployment MATLAB Compiler ,MATLAB Compiler SDK , Spreadsheet Link EX (for Microsoft Excel) , MATLAB Production Server ,Database Access and Reporting ,Database ,MATLAB Report Generator
  • Popular toolboxes,MATLAB problems in real time,Algorithms for Computational Biology,principles of algorithmic design ,biological datasets ,biological sequence analysis,gene identification,regulatory motif discovery,genome assembly,genome duplication ,rearrangements,evolutionary theory,clustering algorithms,scale free networks,modeling physical systems,extensive 2dimensional ,3dimensional graphing,MATLAB toolboxes,computer simulations



Vectors and matrices m-files vectorisation 2D and 3D plotting
Programming Tasks Function m-files Ordinary differential equations Data Import and Export Matrices
Matrix manipulation Linear Indexing Logical Indexing Graphs