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MS project Assignment help, MS project Online Tutors

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MS Project


MS project (Microsoft Project) is a project management software program. It is design to assist project manager include developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets, analyzing workloads. Microsoft project has two enhancements such as microsoft office project server and microsoft project web access.


MS project tools- TRACK includes  task duration, and resource requirements information     VISUSALIZE includes standard, and well-defined formats in our project     SCHEDULE include consistance and effective resource     EXCHANGE  include information about networks and the internet standards     COMMUNICATE  includes stakeholders and resources to control over the projects.

MS project build a plan activities- define the whole project, Planning on project activities, Planning on the procedure of procure resources, Planning in quality assurance and their security, Planning for communication and security, Optimizing the data in project plan, Printed and distributed the data in project information.


Managing the MS project activities as follows-Track Progress, Manage Schedule, Manage Resource, Manage Cost, Manage Risk. We can save a lot of time during men power and money. This is a software done more efficiently and accrately managed.It should progressing the report on MS project and also manage their cost and effective project server.


Important subtopics are include in MS project are- 

- Create A New Plan
- Set Up Resources
- Resources To Task
- Plan Duration Cost
- Track Progress
- Advance Schedule
- Status Reporting


MS Project is the project management which is a software program is which designed for assisting a project manager for developing plan, resources will be assigned according to task, progress tracking, budget will be managed and workloads will be analyzed. It is a window based application. This software is developed by Microsoft and it is a part of Microsoft Office. Still it is not included in the Office suites. Nowadays, this is available only in two editions and that are Professional and Standard. The file format is .mpp. Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project are the two corner stones of Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) product.


The various features are:

• Interoperability: The capabilities are extended as the server will store data of project in the central SQL based database. It will allow multiple independent projects for accessing shared resource pool.
• Timeline: It will allow any user for building a visio graphical overview for the project schedule.
• User controlled scheduling: It offers choices which are flexible for managing and developing projects.


The main topics included are: Plan for a project, Use templates to create projects in Project 2016, Create, manage, schedule, and track tasks, Create, manage, assign, and track resources, Work with deadlines and constraints, Troubleshoot problems, delays, and conflicts, Use dependencies to help schedule tasks, Work with lag time and lead time when dealing with tasks, Create baselines and interim plans, Run reports, Print reports and project information.


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Ms project Assignment Assistance include :


  • Help for MS project Case studies, Exam Preparation, Essay writing, Research, Editing & Proofreading.


Topics covered under MS project Assignment help :


  • Microsoft Office Project 2010, Understanding the Nature of Projects
  • Discovering Project 2010, Understanding Project 2010 File Types, Adding Lag or Lead Time to a Linked Task
  • Navigating the Project 2010 Interface, Getting Help and Guidance, Configuring Options
  • Creating and Defining Projects, Creating and Saving Projects, Defining Properties and Options
  • Creating and Organizing the Task List, Importing Data, Modifying and Applying Calendars, Setting Scheduling Options
  • Working with Estimates and Dependencies, Entering Task Estimates, Using A PERT Analysis to Estimate Task Duration
  • Linking and Unlinking Tasks by Using the Gantt Chart View, Linking and Unlinking Tasks by Using the Network Diagram View


Help for More complicated MS project topics like : 

Working with Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars

  • Introducing Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars
  • Creating and Modifying Deadlines, Creating and Modifying Constraints
  • Creating and Modifying Task Calendars, Identifying Critical Tasks, Working with Task Driver

Working With Resources

  • Introducing Resources, Assignments, and Budgeting
  • Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet
  • Creating and Modifying Resource Assignments, Entering Project Budgets

Predicting Behavior by Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula

  • Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula
  • Changing Variables and Predicting Behavior
  • Applying Task Types to Produce Predictable Behavior, Special Situations with Effort-Driven Scheduling

Customizing and Formatting

  • Formatting Screen Elements, Creating and Modifying Templates
  • Creating and Modifying Fields, Tables, and Formulas, Creating and Modifying Filters and Groups, Creating and Modifying Custom Views

Analyzing Resource Utilization

  • Introducing Resource Utilization Concepts
  • Viewing Resource Assignments, Allocation, and Utilization
  • Managing Resource Availability, Optimizing and Leveling Resource Assignments

Tracking Progress

  • Working With Baselines, Entering Duration Updates
  • Entering Work Updates, Discovering Variances
  • Troubleshooting and Getting Back on Track

Creating Reports

  • Selecting, Editing, and Creating Basic Reports
  • Configuring Print and Page Setup Options, Setting Options to Correct Printing Issues
  • Exporting Reporting Data, Creating and Modifying Visual Reports

Managing Multiple Projects

  • Introducing Management of Multiple Projects
  • Creating Master Projects, Creating Links Between Projects, Calculating Single or Multiple Critical Paths, Saving and Opening Multiple Projects, Sharing Resources and Analyzing Resource Utilization Across Multiple Projects

Microsoft Project Basics

  • How Microsoft Project Works, Starting Microsoft Project, The Microsoft Project Screen, How Microsoft Project 2010 Works, Using The Ribbon
  • Understanding The Backstage View, The Project Work Area, Working With Views, Working With Split Screens, Understanding Sheet Views
  • Working With Tables, Gantt Chart View, Working The Gantt Chart View, Working With The QAT, Working With Files, Exiting From Microsoft Project


Project Management

  • Tasks And Resources, Importance Of Planning
  • Project Management Tools
  • Using A Computer For Project Management

Creating Tasks

  • Understanding Tasks, Understanding Scheduling Icons, The Rostadium Case Study Tasks, Reviewing The Project, Entering Tasks
  • Creating Summary Tasks, Working In A Sheet View, Working With Summary Tasks, Working With Task Views, Examining Task Information
  • Understanding Task Durations, Entering Task Durations, Checking Progress, Entering Milestones


Creating A New Project

  • Steps In Creating A Project, Understanding Your Project, Creating A New Project File, Understanding The Calendar Options
  • Changing The Calendar Options, Working With Calendars, Modifying The Standard Calendar, Entering Public Holidays
  • Creating A New Calendar, Setting Up Project Information, Entering File Properties 



  • Understanding Task Dependencies, Creating Dependencies Automatically, Creating Dependencies In Task Entry, Creating Dependencies In Task Information
  • Creating Dependencies In A Sheet View, Fine Tuning A Schedule Using Dependencies, Auto Scheduling Tasks, Critical Path And Project Slack
  • Viewing The Critical Path, Examining Task Slack, Understanding Lag Time, Entering Lag Time, Understanding Lead Time, Entering Lead Time


Resourcing A Project

  • Understanding Resources, Entering Work Resources, Entering Material Resources, Entering Cost Resources
  • Assigning Calendars To Resources, Understanding Resource Availability
  • Adjusting Resource Availability, Changing The Unit Display

Resourcing Concepts

  • Resource Assignment Calculations, Task Types And Work Effort, Creating A Simple Assignment, Working With Fixed Unit Tasks,
  • Working With Fixed Duration Tasks, Making Multiple Assignments, Adding Additional Resources, Adding More Of The Same Resource,
  • More Resources In Multiple Assignments, Understanding Effort Driven Scheduling, Working With Non Effort Driven Tasks, Working With Effort Driven Tasks


Assigning Resources

  • Simple Resource Assignments, Assigning Part Time Resources, Understanding Work Contouring, Specifying Resource Usage,
  • Contouring Work Hours, Assigning Specific Work Times, Work Times For Multiple Assignments, Problem Assignments,
  • Assigning Resources In Task Information, Assigning Resources In A Sheet, Assigning Resources You Don’t Have, The Case Study Resources


Resource Levelling

  • Understanding Resource Levelling, Creating Resource Chaos, Tracking Down Over Allocations, Checking Resource Usage
  • Creating An Over Allocation Report, Changing Work Effort, Understanding Overtime
  • Assigning Overtime
  • Hiring Contract Labour, Switching Work Assignments, Rescheduling Tasks


  • Understanding Project Costs, Reviewing Current Costs, Entering Variable Costs, Case Study Variable Costs, Assigning Daily Costs,
  • Assigning Per Usage Costs, Assigning Fixed Costs, Assigning Material Costs, Using Another Cost Table, Applying A Different Cost Table,
  • Changing Rates During A Project, Assigning Cost Resources, Viewing Project Costs


Constraints And Deadlines

  • Understanding Constraints And Deadlines, Reviewing Our Project
  • Adding A Constraint, Using Elapsed Time
  • Rescheduling Tasks, Creating A Deadline

Project Tracking

  • Creating A Baseline, Updating The Project Actuals
  • Manually Updating Tasks, Entering Delayed Tasks, Tracking Actuals On A Gantt Chart
  • Using The Tracking Box, Viewing Task Slippage


  • Printing A Gantt Chart, Printing Sheet Views
  • Printing Tasks For Resources
  • Printing Resources For Tasks