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 Nuclear Engineering Assignment help, Nuclear Engineering Online Tutors

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Nuclear engineering is associated with nuclear science. It deals with all nuclear processes and their application used in development of advanced technologies. Nuclear engineering is an integrated field which involves all nuclear systems viz. nuclear fission reactors, fusion reactors, ultrasensitive contraband detectors and medical imaging. A nuclear process deals with activities namely radiation measurements, interactions and production of nuclear based systems. Nuclear engineering provides a complete phase development of nuclear-based systems with a great concern to security impacts. It mainly concerned with expertise in the design and development of advanced fission reactors, commercialization of fusion energy, radioactive waste and nuclear materials management, research in nuclear science etc.

Radiation process is important in nuclear engineering which involves release, control, and utilization of nuclear energy with the production of radioactive materials. A nuclear engineer is responsible to look after all activities involved in nuclear engineering. Following listed duties of nuclear engineers are given as:

  • Develops nuclear equipment including reactor cores and radiation shielding
  • Write instructions for handling nuclear waste
  • Test methods for nuclear material and nuclear waste
  • Monitors construction, nuclear plant design
  • Ensures safety standards for nuclear plants
  • Examines nuclear accidents to prevent future accidents
  • Take corrective measures and actions in emergencies
  • Nuclear engineering deals with the application of engineering techniques in the breakdown of atomic nuclei and nuclear fission systems and its components like nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, and nuclear weapons. Generally students don’t have ample time or maybe they are facing difficulty in Nuclear engineering Assignment, we are right here to assist you with our highly qualified team of experts.

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  • Topics covered under Nuclear Engineering Assignment help :

  • Nuclear Plant Systems and Operations, Reactor Physics, Nuclear Reactor Safety Design, Reactor Thermalhydraulics, Control, Instrumentation and Electrical Systems in CANDU Plants,
  • Nuclear Fuel Waste Management, Project Management for Nuclear Engineers, Engineering Risk and Reliability, Power Plant Thermodynamics, Radiation Health Risks and Benefits, Nuclear Materials, Fuel Management
  • Reactor Chemistry and Corrosion, Industrial Research Project, atomic and nuclear physics, nuclear length- and time-scales, mass and energy, nuclear stability, radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, binding energy, Nuclear cross-sections, scattering and collisions, nuclear fission and fission neutrons

  • Help for More complicated Nuclear Engineering topics like :

  • Fission products, Nuclear reactors, fuels and fuel rods, breeding, light-water reactors, heavy-water reactors, gas-cooled reactors, breeders, Neutron diffusion and moderation, Fick’s law, the diffusion equation, group diffusion, Nuclear reactor theory, basic homogeneous reactor types, geometric buckling parameters, thermal reactors, heterogeneous reactors, Reactor kinetics, control rods, reactivity, temperature effects, poisoning
  • Reactor heat transfer, power cycles, reactor heat generation, conduction, convection and two-phase flow, thermal design, Radiation protection, biological effects of radiation, radiation units, standards of radiation protection, Gamma-ray shielding, buildup factors, isotropic planar, source models, internal sources, reactor shielding and shield design, removal-diffusion method, Reactor licensing, safety and the environment, nuclear industry, Development of nuclear energy, Statistically positive safety record, Instructive case studies, Fission processes, Preliminary chemistry, Fission processes
  • Design principles, Utility operational design, Thermodynamic cycles, Power system components, Importance of valves, Containment design, Reactor systems, Plant systems, Pressurized water reactors, Boiling water reactors, Near future commercial designs, Farther future designs, Concluding remarks, Health physics, Applications, Risk assessment, Sustainability, Opportunities in the nuclear industry

  • Environmental Radioactivity and Nuclear Power:

  • Alpha, beta, gamma radiation , neutrons, radioactive decay, primordial, cosmogenic, anthropogenic radon, Radioactive dose and risk, IAEA dose, risk comparison, Risk in society, BSE, food colouring, radioactivity
  • BSE, food colouring, radioactivity, Radiotherapy, radioimaging, Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear fuel cycle, Mining, milling, enrichment, preparation of fuel, Nuclear fission, heat generation & power generation, old and newer technologies, spent fuel, reprocessing, Radioactive Waste Management, Low-level waste options, Intermediate and high level wastes, Anthropogenic radioactivity and Nuclear power.


  • neutron physics and reactor theory
  • nuclear cross-section data
  • neutron scattering,
  • nuclear fission
  • diffusion theory
  • next generation nuclear power plants