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Operational Research Assignment help Services, Operational Research Online Tutors

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Operational research is a discipline of framework for making models to get solutions. It tries to find best solution of given problem. Operational research is responsible for production of goods and services.
Basic phraseology in OR:

  • Organization:It refers to the firm or society in which problems occurs. This organization may be a group of employees, a government branch or may be a corporation or household.
  • Decision maker:A decision maker may be a group of people or an individual which is able to propose or implement the necessary actions.
  • Analyst:The analyst must have special skills in data collection, modeling, computer implementation and mathematics. Analyst is main decision maker throughout the operational process.
  • Operational research involves following steps to implement the problem:
  • Problem Re-organization:The problem may be in abstract or real form. It includes operations and proposed expansions.
  • Problem formulation:This is initial analytical step of solution process. At this stage metrics for measuring progress, data requirements, alternatives for action, appropriate assumptions, objective statements and constraints on solution are introduced.
  • Model Construction:A mathematical model is a collection of functional relationships by which allowable actions are delimited and evaluated .A model is always abstracted into simpler form to get optimal solutions.
  • Procedure Establishment:Procedure designing is done to retain control of implementation efforts. Solutions are converted into procedures.
  • Solution Implementation:Solution is implements through problem formulation, procedure establishment and solution testing methods.
    OR Process:OR process is encapsulation of all above steps.

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