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Operations Management Assignment help | Operations Management Online Tutors

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Operations management plays an important role in management process as it involves various operations such as design, control and execution processes which convert resources into reliable goods and services. It helps in implementing an organization’s business strategy. Operation management creates highest level of efficiency within an organization as it administrates all such business practices. It efficiently converts labors into best possible services to maximize the profit of an organization. Operation management team is itself responsible for achieving the highest net operating profit with respect to balance costs as per the revenues of the concerned companies. Various issues involved in operations management are listed as:

  • Size of manufacturing plants
  • Structure of information technology networks
  • Project management methods
  • Management of inventory
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance policies
  • Materials handling

  • A combination of utilities such as materials, staff, equipment and technology are used in operations management. Operation manager is responsible for acquiring, developing and delivering goods to its clients. They use numerous formulas such as the economic order quantity formula to determine smooth inventory process. Operations management applies its strategic concepts to local and global trends, customer demand and the available resources for production. It is responsible for finding vendors who supply effective goods at reasonable prices and have the ability to deliver the product when needed.

    Operation management deals with design, management , improvement of processes and operating systems. It is the learning of better scheduling, control of manufacturing firm, effective planning and firm operations. It is combinational hub of concepts taken from production management, information management systems, inventory management, industrial engineering, accounting and design engineering. Operation management plays a key role in aggregation of planned decisions. It is related to issues relevant to efficient scheduling material and labor of the firm. Operation managers decide the capacity and inventory levels of an organization. These people keep the effective technical knowledge and advanced operations of technology related to his/ her industry. They must have effective communication skills to handle projects, official meetings, motivate other people and work on multitasking teams.

    Operation management is concerned with designing, overseeing and redesigning business operation in the process of production of goods and services. It is concerned with managing the process where it converts input like material, labor and energy into output like goods and services . Input can be considered as labor, material and energy and output may be considered as goods and services. Operation management focuses on managing the processes, services and products. Operation management is concerned with product creation, production, development and distribution. You can get excellent Assignment help on all operations management assignments from AssignmentScholar.com. We have expertise in providing operations management assignments. 

    Issues in Operation Management:-

    • Decrement of the manufacturing time for fresh goods or products.
    • Obtaining high quality controlling cost.
    • Involvement of new technologies and techniques to the existing system.
    • Redefining the control systems.
    • Keeping and training qualified workers in an industry.
    • Making effective partnership with new firms.
    • Providing user friendly customers and suppliers.

    Process involved in operation management:

    • Supply Chains - It is the concatenation of processes and firms involved in producing or delivering products or services.
    • Operations Management/Marketing Interface- Determination of customer priority.
    • Operations Management/Finance Interface- Inventories and capital equipments are comprised here.
    • Service Operations- It involves performance measurements, delivery and consumptions.
    • Operations Strategy- It remains aligned and consistent with organization’s strategies.
    • Process Design and Improvements- Management of innovated process or activities.

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  • Transportation Problem, Inventory planning and control, Integer Programming, Queuing Theory And Markov Chains, Non Linear Programming, Duality And Post Optimal Analysis, Gantt Charts and Technology and operations strategy.

  • Operations Management:

  • operations management:
  • Strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Process thinking and operations performance
  • Continuous improvement in operations
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • total quality management
  • People and operations
  • Supply chains and business models
  • multi-layer supply chains
  • IP and licensing
  • design and management of the processes
  • resources and systems
  • products and services to customers
  • various operations within organisations
  • Operations Management planning
  • management and problem solving methods
  • operations analysis
  • Operations Management function