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Organic Chemistry Assignment help Services, Organic Chemistry Online Tutors

Get instant help for Organic Chemistry Assignment help & Organic Chemistry homework help. Our Organic Chemistry Online tutors help with Organic Chemistry assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. We ensure complete Organic Chemistry solutions before the deadline. Our excellent tutorbase for Organic Chemistry enure ontime delivery of Organic Chemistry assignment solutions.Our Organic Chemistry Assignment tutors are available 24/7 . Please send us the complete assignment requirements at [email protected] or upload it on the website to get the instant help.
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Topics covered under Organic Chemistry Assignment help :

  • Structure Bonding: Basic principles, resonance, hyperconjugation, tautomerism, effects, on reactivity, structure functions of selected organic molecules., Stereo chemistry: Elements of symmetry, chirality, stereoisomerism stereogenic centre, , configurational descriptors, topicity, isomerism in molecules more than one chiral centre
  • resolution, Conformational analysis of cycloalkanes, conformational dependence of reactivity, , elementary ideas about stereospecific stereoselective reactions., Structure reactivity: Types of reactions, transition states intermediates, methods of , determining mechanisms isotope effects, generation, structure, stability reactivity of carbo
  • cation, carbanion, free radicals, carbenes nitrenes – The Hammett equation, linear free , energy relationship Taft equations; principles of concerted reactions. , Aromaticity: Aromaticity, anti aromaticity, Huckel’s rule, homoaromaticity, n annulenes , hetero annulenes., Rearrangements: General mechanistic considerations, nature of migration, migratory , aptitude, rearrangements involving migration to C, N O., Construction of molecular orbitals , Organic molecules , Functional groups, Hybrid orbital concept
  • Stereoelectronic effects, Hückel theory , Conjugated hydrocarbons, Forms of conjugation , Aromaticity, Repetition of thermochemical concepts, Conformational analysis, Molecular mechanics , Quantum chemical calculations, Symmetry operations , Stereochemisry, Non covalent interactions , Solvent effects, Molecular recognition , Supramolecular chemistry, Carbanions, Carbocations, Radicals , Carbenes, Critiques Organometallic compounds, Potential energy surfaces , Transition state theory
  • Experimental methods , Kinetic isotope effects, Linear free energy relationships, Catalysis , Biocatalysis, Qualitative models , Pericyclic reactions, Alternant hydrocarbons, Non alternant hydrocarbons, Band structure , Conjugated polymers, Photophysical processes , Photochemical processes , Basic principles of chemical names , Formulas formation, Chemical calculations, Basic knowledge , Chemical terminology

Fundamental principles Structure bondingstereochemistryacidsbaseselectrophilic additionelimination nucleophilic substitution
Organic Chemistry Lab I
separationpurificationsynthetic isolation organic compoundsSemi micro micro scale experimentsCrystallizationdistillationextractionchromatography