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Program Representations Assignment Help, Program Representations Homework Help

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Program Analysis, dataflow analysis as set of equations at program points, dataflow functions, formulation of dataflow information, solution techniques, iteration, chaotic iteration, monotonicity termination , must vs. may information, bit vector analyses, GEN and KILL sets, direction of analysis, Rhodium , Program Representations, design of program representations, High-level, medium-level, low-level representations, Abstract Syntax Tree, Control Flow Graph, Dataflow Graph, Static Single Assignment, Whirlwind's program representation, Loops and loop transformations, Definition of loops, Loop invariant code motion, Code hoisting, sinking, Program Representations, Control Dependence Graph, Program Dependence Graph, Interprocedural Analysis, context sensitive vs. insensitive, summarization strategies, call strings approach, transfer function approach, Pointer Analysis, Simple intraprocedural flow-sensitive pointer analysis, Going to interproc, Going to flow-insensitive, Andersen's pointer analysis, Scaling even further, Steensgaard's pointer analysis, Regaining some precision, One-level flow analysis, Program Analyses for Program Verification, RHS , ESP, Predicate Abstraction , Abstract interpretation, Correctness of transformations, Ordering Analyses Transformations, Set Constraint Analyses, Garbage Collection

Program representation from the high-level programming language perspective down to the underlying machine level representation, including: number representation, operations, conditionals, and control structures, basic and advanced abstract data types in C++ including: linked lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, trees, and graphs, asymptotic time and space complexity analysis of programs and data structure implementations using Big-O, Big-Omega, and Big-Theta notation and assess the suitability of a data structure for a particular problem, program execution model and the underlying computer hardware and software (fetch-execute cycle, memory hierarchy, operating system, compiler), program control and data structures in an assembly language (loops, conditionals, subroutines and parameter passing modes, arrays)