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Psychology Assignment help Services, Psychology Online Tutors

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Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. It is based on the principles of scientific research and involves a wide range of methods, experiments, case studies and observations. A professional researcher of the psychology field is called a psychologist. Main perspectives that involves in the psychology are listed below:

  • Biological perspective – This perspective also known as biological psychology and it plays an important role in the development of psychology.
  • Behavioral perspective – It mainly concerned with how behaviors reinforced and learned.
  • Cognitive perspective – it mainly focuses on the mental processes and deals with the thinking, memory, decision making, language, problem solving.
  • Cross cultural perspective – cross cultural psychology is a perspective that concerns with the human behavior across different cultures.

  • Evolutionary perspective – it concerns with the study of how evolution defines the psychological processes.
  • Humanistic perspective – this perspective focuses on the role of motivation on behavior and thought.
  • Psychodynamic perspective – this perspective concerns with the early childhood experiences, unconscious mind to explain the human behavior.
  • Functional magnetic resource imaging plays an important role in the field of psychology. It is a functional neuroimaging procedure that measures brain activity by using MRI technology. Applications of psychology– metal health care, military and intelligence, work, education, mental testing, social change, etc.

    Psychology is defined as the study of human and animal behavior with the objective of understanding why living beings behave as they do and do several searches regarding there behaviour . As it is a rather new science, applications are sometimes confused with the science itself. It is easier to distinguish that what is 'pure' and what is 'applied' in older disciplines: anyone can separate physics and mathematics from engineering. People often relate psychology with psychiatry, which is a branch of medicine which is used to the cure the mental illness in the human being.

    Topics read by 'pure' psychologists are: how behavior changes with the development, when a behavior is different,it explains how persons are differ from each other, and how people get into trouble. 'Applied' psychologists are using scientific knowledge to find the better ways to deal with human being in a adolescent age, how to teach them , how to match persons with jobs, and how to get people to get out of their troubles. There are several branches of psychology that is, developmental psychology, animal , educational and industrial psychology etc are few of them.

    Physiological psychology is a field which basically deals with neurophysiology that studies the relationship between behavior and body systems like the nervous system and the stimuli. It studies which brain part of the brain is involved in psychic functions like memory, and other activities like learning. It also studies the complex interaction between brain and hormones that played an important role in handling the emotions.

    Animal behavior is studied by psychologists in the labs. The study of animal behavior in their natural habitats is handled by the science of ethology which inly deals with animal behaviour.

    Educational psychology concentrates on those aspects of the psychic activity that that deals with learning. Experimenting with the animals and peoples, they want to know how they understand, how they learn, and knows better ways of teaching. A psychological school teach that every human behavior is a response to a stimulus, which means how will be the behaviour change when stimuli is changed.

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