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What is a case study?
When to use a case study?
Conducting a Literature , Units of Analysis & Theory, Human Subjects Protection Guest: Susan Metosky, Quality Control, Case Study Design & Protocol , Data Collection, Analyzing Data, Grounded Theory & Text Analysis, Using MAXQDA, Epistemological and Methodological foundations, The importance of epistemology and methodology in qualitative research, Identification of research, values, stance, and voice, Designing qualitative research – common frameworks (life history, ethnography), Design frameworks continued. Grounded Theory and Ethnography, An overview of methods and methods tips. Linking stance, design and methods, Case study and narrative research design frameworks will be presented, Making sense of qualitative data: How to make reasoned decisions about the appropriateness of analytic strategies Data management and analysis, Data Analysis and representation continued, Matrix displays, thematic analysis (grounded and theory driven), constant comparative method, phenomenological approaches, Issues in the representation of qualitative research. How to assess the quality of qualitative research Enhancing the validity and trustworthiness of qualitative research (including technical, reflexive and critical criteria and standards), Post structural forms of legitimation and Constructing effective arguments