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Research Proposal Writing Assignment help

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Research proposal writing is a very tedious task and it requires a lot of effort as it has to be done in a restricted timeframe. It is based on certain guidelines set by educationalists that need to be followed otherwise it may result in a weak proposal.

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  • A research proposal is a precise document of a proposed project that intends to :
  • Define issues that need to be looked upon and the ways of addressing them
  • Clearly acknowledge the areas of the topic and its significance.
  • Influence prospective supervisors to showcase the liability.
  • A typical research proposal may vary in size but usually it is around 2,500 words and the judgement is made on both the content as well as the format .


    Research proposal help analyze various skills like critical thinking, quality of the ideas , the type of approach followed and viability of the project. This is useful in determining the expertise in the specific topic chosen for the research project.


    Every research proposal must include the following things no matter what programme it is applied for.
    1. Title
    2. Summary of research proposal
    3. Context
    4. Project Details
    5. Research Questions
    6. Aims of project
    7. Research Significance
    8. Methods of Research
    9. Bibliography

    Title : The title of the research must have the important keywords to relate to the research as well as to the supervising personnels.

    Summary : The summary of the project along with its description, importance and the expected results. This should not include more than 100 words .

    Context : The context summarizes the background of the subject broadly. This gives a clear vision about the field in which the study is conducted along with the present state of the field and related debates on that subject.

    Project details : The project details give a detailed overview of the framework for the research including the significance and methods.

    Research Questions : The research questions section gives the information about the problem needs to be addressed , questions that will be followed throughout the research process, key questions out of which one or more questions can be prioritized, the minor questions as well. This gives the idea for even the major approach ( empirical , normative, conceptual, doctrinal or theoretical ) that can answer all the questions.

    Aims of project : This aims at providing the information about what is to be proven , analyzed or demonstrated , what kind of investigation is done in the project, how the project is examined. This is done in a proper sequence. This is the most important section of the research and it should be stated very clearly. It doesn’t matter if there are one or more objectives but the important thing is that each is to be clearly mentioned. Just one objective is also enough to carry out the study.

    Research Significance: The proposed project should exhibit the individuality and uniqueness. It mentions the gaps that are present in the literature and how the research is progressed from current state to further steps. It includes the time framework taken by the research process of the topic that is proposed and the reasons for that duration.

    Methods of Research : This will include the methods that are used to conduct the research which may include library visits, interviews or other methods. One need not give the complete details about the methods but a brief inclusion of the ways by which the questions can be answered is must. In researches based on library , the locations of the resources are also explained. But if it is a field work conduction , it should analyze the findings of the research and also determine whether there will be problems of accessibility.

    Bibliography : The bibliography of the research proposal is must to be added in the research proposal that helps to identify the most appropriate work for the topic.


    There are several things that should be kept in mind before writing any proposal like:
    • Title should be very precise . Too long will not do any extra favour.
    • The questions stated must be meaningful and interesting.
    • Well structured language that is clear and have proper headlines.
    • The information if presented in short paragraphs rather than a massive one leaves a good impact.
    • The matter which is well presented along with pictures is preferable.
    • The sources of information required in completion of the project to be included in the proposal
    • There are a number of personnels who have their involvement in the project. This includes investigators, supervisors and the major roles taken by them.
    • Various facilities like computers, labs, equipments mentioned in the proposal
    • The detailed account of Cost estimation or the budget of the project gives an idea of how much money is to be kept for completing the tasks. This includes salary of the staff members, cost of travelling, equipments used, institution overheads etc.
    • It is necessary to include the names of publication references to prevent the project form plagiarism report.
    • Do include the dissemination activities in the proposal like conferences , seminars, public events and presentations etc.
    • A well formed and clean conclusion is must at the end of the proposal as many reviewers judge the writing by beginning reading from the conclusion.

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