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We provide 24/7 support for SQL Assignment help & SQL homework help. Our SQL Online tutors are available online to provide online support for complex SQL assignments & homework to deliver with in the deadline. SQL guidance is available by experienced tutors round the clock.

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Topics covered under SQL Assignment help :

  • Winter 2014-2015 section- 801, Business Intelligence (BI) Overview, Microsoft BI Platform Introduction , SQL Server Integration Services I
  • SQL Server Integration Services II , SQL Server Analysis Services , Dimensional Modeling, QL Server Analysis Services
  • Key Performance Indicators, Attributes drilldown, Building advanced cube , Advanced Dimensional Modeling


Help for More complicated SQL topics like :

  • Data Mining Analysis, Client Tools , Review SQL Server Reporting Services, Report Designer SQL Server Reporting Services, Report Builder, Reporting Manager, SQL query optimization , Primary organization , Indexing , System catalog , Implementation of relation algebra operations , Process of query optimization, cost of operation, logical query plan, algebraic optimization, physical query plan , Explain directive, need for an SQL standard, ANSI standards, database, relational database, Components of a relational database, Normalised data, Anatomy of a table, Primary key, foreign keys, Joins, Components of SQL, Data Manipulation Language, SELECT operations, DISTINCT, Virtual columns, Column aliases, Functions, Restricting the rows returned, Multiple conditions, Ordering data, Inserting rows, Updating rows, Deleting rows, Joining tables, Cross join, Inner join, Outer join, Full join, Left join , Right join, Composite joins, Table aliases

  • SQL92 join, SQL89 Join syntax
  • Data Definition Language, Data types, Column attributes, Create table, Referential integrity, Alter table, drop tables, Views, simple views, Views with virtual columns, Restricted column views, Joined table views, Restricted row views, View restrictions, Summarised Queries, Table aggregates, GROUP BY , aggregates, The HAVING clause, Subqueries, Using simple Subqueries, EXISTS, Correlated Subqueries, Data Manipulation Language, Unions, Self joins, Data Control Language, Identifying users, Setting privileges, GRANT , REVOKE, SQL Programming, Database Programming, Structure of Database Programs, Differences between Oracle and SQL Server, Graphical Database Management Tools, Language Fundamentals of PL/SQL , T SQL, Structure of Programming Code, Basic Language Components

  • Datatypes, Datatype Conversion, Builtin Functions, System Functions, Variables, Constant, Variable Declaration Statement, Variable Assignment Statement, Default Values, NOT NULL constraint, Flow Control Structures, Decision Structures, Loop Structures, Exception Handling, Programmer Defined Exceptions, Built In Error Functions, Stored Functions, Functions, Integration of Functions and SQL, Advanced Functions, Stored Procedures, Basic Stored Procedures, Parameters, Overloading Procedures, Using Declarative SQL in Procedural SQL, DML in Procedural SQL, Transaction Management, Autonomous Transactions, Database Triggers, Advanced DML Triggers, INSTEAD OF Triggers, Cursors, Cursor Parameters, Cursor Variables, Data Updates Using Cursors, Dynamic SQL, Advanced Dynamic SQL, Parameterized Dynamic SQL, Dynamic Data Pivoting, SQL Injection, Advanced Exception Handling, Unhandled Exceptions, Continue Past Exceptions, Exceptions , Transactions, Optimistic Concurrency Models, Pessimistic Concurrency Models, Sending Email