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Structural Engineering Assignment help, Structural Engineering Online Tutors

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Structural engineering is a specialized field in civil engineering. It is mainly concerned with structures which are used for large scale construction. It focuses on the framework of structures, and on designing those structures as these can withstand the stresses and pressures of their environment and remain safe, stable and secure throughout their use. Structural engineering provides efficient designing with more sophisticated structures. Structural engineering involves some of the major tasks which are listed below:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Rehabilitation
  • Demolition
  • Structural engineering deals with structural systems and with their components. These structures can be classified as bridges, footings, frameworks, buildings, in-ground structures, and space frames. Ships, cranes etc. are some of those examples which are composed of those structural materials including novel materials and composites. Structural engineering mainly contributes to infrastructure, industry, as well as residential and recreational developments.
  • Structural engineers play an important role as they ensure that bridges or the buildings don’t collapse in future. They carry out strong calculations and prepare drawings of structures to avoid such collapses. Structural engineers help in assembling of components with great analysis and designing which resists loads from external and internal forces. They do research and testing of the material and the form so that new solutions which are developed proved to be more safe and environment friendly.
  • Structural engineers are the creative innovators who use science and mathematics to design the structures, solve problems and shape their surroundings, the structures designed by the structural engineers have the ability to withstand the stress and pressure imposed by the environmental conditions and the human uses. It’s their responsibility that the buildings and any other structures that they do not deflect, vibrate, rotate or collapsed and should remain secure and stable within their use for whole lifetime of the structure. The structure engineers also tests the existing buildings and structures and examine whether they are structurally good and if they can still fulfill their purpose or their working.
  • They chose appropriate materials like steel, concrete, timber and makes to meet the specifications of the designs and they have to inspect the work and have to give advise to the contractor and also analyze the structural components of the structures or buildings, calculates the pressure and stress and strain which each component can handle, consider strength of all the materials used in making the structure or building, examine the chances of risks or collapse of a building.
  • Major topics included in Structural engineering are: Higher engineering mathematics, advanced structural analysis, theory of elasticity and plasticity, theory of plates, analysis of plates, stress analysis, advanced structural design, low cost housing techniques, pre stressed concrete, maintenance, rehabilitation of structures, advanced foundation engineering.
  • Structural engineering was conventionally considered as a sub branch of civil engineering but as it developed many complex and specific specialization so it is considered as an individual engineering discipline. The main aim of the structural engineers is to design, assess and observe the structure to ensure the stability and efficiency. The structural engineers work on a very large range of structures including oil rings, buildings, bridges, air craft and ships. The role of the structural engineer is both creative and technical that covers the close collaboration with professionals with other disciplines. They prepare the strength calculation and drawings of the structures to ensure that they are strong to avoid collapse.
  • The most widely recognized structures managed are bridges and buildings, but tunnels, walls to keep down earth embankments, huge tanks and storehouses and in addition mining structures, likewise form part of the structural engineer. Specific area covers the associated infrastructure and oil drilling platforms, air craft design and ship buildings. Structural engineers design structure to find out the stress and pressure according to the human resource and environment condition. They also ensure that other structures and buildings do not vibrate, rotate or collapse and they remain secure and stable throughout their use. Structural engineers work in a team and focus on the structure to build.

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