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Exchange of information by electrical and electronic means over a significant distance is termed as telecommunication system. It is also known as telecom. Telecommunications act as a transmission of information which allows communication between people who are separated by distance. Examples of telecommunication systems are telephone system, mobile cellular system, microwave radio system, etc. In this, data is transmitted in the form of electrical signals, which are modulated into analog or digital signals for transmit the information. Analog modulation is used in radio broadcasting.

Telecommunications provides infrastructure for national security and technological foundation for societal communications. Three main units of telecommunication: a transmitter, transmission medium and a receiver. A transmitter transforms the information into signal. Transmission medium carries the signal and also known as physical channel. A receiver takes signals from the channel and converts it into the useable information. Multiplexing is the main concept of telecommunication, which is a method in which analog and digital signals are combined into one signal via a shared medium. There are two types of multiplexing included in the telecommunication: time division multiplexing and frequency division multiplexing. In telecommunication systems, information bearing signal can be represented with the waveform that can pass through a transmission medium. The assigning of waveform is done by modulation. Modulation is a process in which characteristic of carrier wave is varied with modulating wave. There are two types of modulation involved in telecommunication which includes analog modulation and digital modulation.


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