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Thermodynamics Assignment help, Thermodynamics Online Tutors

Get instant help for Thermodynamics Assignment help & Thermodynamics homework help. Our Thermodynamics Online tutors help with Thermodynamics assignments & weekly homework problems at the college & university level. We ensure complete Thermodynamics solutions before the deadline. Our excellent tutorbase for Thermodynamics enure ontime delivery of Thermodynamics assignment solutions.

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    Topics covered under Thermodynamics Assignment help :

    Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics, Properties and state, properties tables, first law of thermodynamics for control mass and control volume systems, Second law, entropy and its applications, System, Property, Kinetic, Potential, and Internal Energy, Work and Heat Transfer, Evaluating Properties, Specific heats, Incompressible Substance, Compressibility Chart and Factor, Ideal Gas Model, Ideal Gas Properties, Polytropic Process, Control Volume Analysis - Mass Balance

    Help for More complicated Thermodynamics topics like :

  • Control Volume Analysis - Energy Balance, System Integration: Revisit Stationary Power Plant, Thermodynamic Cycle, Motivating the Second Law, Concept of Irreversibility, Thermodynamic Cycles and Second Law, Absolute Temperature, Maximum Performance Measures, Carnot Cycle, Clausius Inequality, Entropy as a Property, T-ds Relations, Entropy Change for Incompressible Substance, Control Volume Analysis, Control Volume Special Case: Closed System Entropy Balance
  • Isentropic Process, Basic concepts, First, Second law of thermodynamics, Pure substances, Component systems, Chemical potential, Functions derived, Chemical potential, Solution thermodynamics, Vapour liquid equilibria, Solubility of gases, Liquid liquid equilibria, Chemical reaction equilibria, Homogeneous, Heterogeneous reaction systems, Multireaction equilibria, Basics of thermodynamics, Properties of fluids, Solution thermodynamics, Reaction equilibria, Application of thermodynamics, Practical problems
  • Phase equilibria, Solutions, Reaction equilibria, Separations, Reaction engineering, systems, properties, equilibrium, Mass, Conservation of Mass principle, Mass applications, Ideal gases, evaluation of Ideal gases properties, Simple compressible substances, evaluation of Simple compressible substances properties, Incompressible substances, evaluation of Incompressible substances properties, Energy, First Law of Thermodynamics,combined laws of thermodynamics, Analysis of thermal systems, thermodynamics, chemical engineering, forms of energy, mathematical relations for various thermodynamic properties, key equations of state, use of equations of state in predicting thermodynamic properties, vapour liquid equilibria, chemical equilibria
  • equilibrium calculations , chemical reactions, Heat transfer modes, Conduction, Convection , Radiation, Heat Exchanger design , Heat Exchanger optimisation, Numerical Methods , Mass transfer, Vapour power cycles, refrigeration cycles, non reacting mixtures, psychrometry, combustion, Thermodynamics and Energy, SI , English Units, Thermodynamics, Systems
  • control volumes, Steady flow, Processes , cycles, Properties, property diagrams, tables, First , Saturated liquids, gases, mixtures, Superheated vapour, subcooled liquids, Energy transfer by heat, Work, Thermal energy reservoirs, Efficiency, Coefficient of performance, Reversible , irreversible processes, Thermodynamic cycles, enthalpy, Mechanisms of heat transfer, Heat exchangers, Ideal gas behavior, States, 0th Law, Work, Heat, 1st Law, Isothermal gas expansion, Kinetic theory, Cycles, Enthalpy , state functions
  • Heats of reaction, Adiabatic changes, 2nd Law, Equilibrium , spontaneous change, Free energies, Fundamental equation, Maxwells relations, Probability, Statistics, Multiplicity, Statistical treatment of entropy, Partition function , Boltzmann factor, Expected values, Boltzmann distribution Maxwell Boltzmann, Partition functions, Connecting Statistical mechanics , thermodynamics, Equilibrium , spotaneous change, Chemical potential, Chemical reactions, Equilibria in gases, Simple binding reactions, Complex binding reactions, Cooperativity, Gene regulation, Ion Channels, Thermodynamics, single component systems, applications first laws, second laws, steady state energy balances, equations state, thermodynamic properties fluids and thermochemistry.


  • Classical thermodynamics
  • property tables
  • property software
  • equations of state
  • Gas mixtures
  • atom and energy balances
  • Power
  • energy
  • entropy
  • energy transfer
  • mass and energy balance
  • laws of thermodynamics
  • thermo-fluid systems